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Graduate programme 2018

Graduate programme 2018

We’re looking for highly driven, enthusiastic and innovative individuals to help our business grow; in return we will develop and nurture you in your chosen career path within Davies.

Our programme is run over 24 months. The first 12 months will be based predominately in our London, Birmingham and or Stoke offices. During this time you will develop your technical knowledge, alongside working towards professional qualifications. After which you will be given the opportunity to develop as part of a specific business area of your choice.

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We are now accepting applications, you can apply here. The closing date for applications is 23rd March 2018.

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What our Graduates say...

What is the full title of your degree?

Undergraduate study – LLB Law
Postgraduate study – Legal Practice Course

What activities/tasks have you done on the programme?

So far, I have completed working with the Casualty Teams which included:

  • Working within a Team to process new claims received from Solicitors
  • Instructing Loss Adjustors and Medical Experts to gather evidence in order to accept or deny liability
  • Travelled to Birmingham and Harrogate to work with the loss adjusters to research claims that have been handed to us prior to visiting the defendants
  • Conducted interviews with defendants in the areas of Birmingham and Harrogate in order to write a report that can be easily read
  • Wrote a couple of reports with my decision on liability and how to proceed with the claim

I have now started working in the Command Centre to assist with dealing with the flood and storm claims that have occurred over the winter period, which includes:

  • Calling policy holders to discuss the progress of their claim
  • Instructing contractors and suppliers in order to move the claim forwards
  • Helping to move claims forwards so that we can help the affected policyholders back into their homes

Alongside these areas I have also/am in the process of:

  • Completed my CH1 exam
  • Co-ordinated a Quiz Night Recruitment at Ember Lounge in Staffordshire University
  • Ran a half marathon for charity
  • Organising a second recruitment event at Staffordshire University
  • Preparing for my CH2 exam
  • Preparing a presentation

 What training have you received and how has this helped you?

I have received support from my HR manager, my Mentor assigned to me (impartial to the areas I work in), the teams that I have worked with.

In our first week at Davies we were given a ‘crash course’ on Insurance and what it means to Davies. I found it really useful as I didn’t have a clue about Insurance as a business before I started. In that week, we were given a case study to follow to help us see how a property claim is progressed. It helped to prepare me for what I would face in the Command Centre.

I also had a crash course when I started my Liability section. I was introduced to the philosophies of the client I would be working for during the 2 months I was in Stoke as well as looking into relevant changes in the law and training on how to use the system. This gave me a base line to work from and revert back to should I get stuck. The support I received in Casualty was fantastic too; never a silly question. Even though it would get busy, each member of the team was ready and willing to answer any questions I had.

My fellow graduates help to train each other too. Each extra bit of information that we learn, we share it with the others in order to support each other. It’s been reassuring to know that the direct team I work with are there to help where they can.

What have you enjoyed about the programme so far?

There are a number of areas that I have enjoyed so far:

  • Travelling with the Loss Adjusters – I’ve never really travelled very much prior to joining Davies so it has been interesting to see part of the countries that I have never been to before
  • Meeting new people – The fellow graduates that I am teamed with have been wonderful to work with. It was a real worry that I wouldn’t be able to click with people well as I’ve never worked in an office before however; everyone that I’ve met has been friendly, welcoming and happy to help
  • The challenges – Presently, the four of us have been moved into the Command Centre to take on the challenge of dealing with the flood claims. It’s been exciting to take on the challenge and at such short notice too.
  • The responsibility – I am able to make decisions that I never thought I’d get the chance to do e.g. deciding on whether we should accept or deny liability on a claim. I’m also able to pick up extra responsibilities such as co-ordinating recruitment events.
  • The rewards – Although I haven’t received one myself yet, there is always an incentive to try harder and do better – I like that. It’s good to feel inspired and appreciated at the same time.

Why would you recommend the programme to other graduates?

I would definitely recommend the programme to other graduates.

  • Always support available whether it’s the team you’re working from, the other graduates, your mentor, your manager, your HR manager – the person working in a different office at another part of the country – there’s someone there to help you understand.
  • Always being challenged – there’s no chance to get bored as there’s always something to do, something new to learn
  • The opportunity to find out whether you are an office, team person or a ‘lone wolf’ out of office person without getting stuck if you make the ‘wrong’ choice.
  • Opportunities to develop – There are opportunities to be promoted throughout the company, both vertical and horizontal. We are also encouraged to take exams to improve our future prospects
  • As strange as it sounds, Insurance is interesting and (dare I say it) fun!

What is the full title of your degree?

LL.B Law (Hons)

What activities/tasks have you done on the programme?

There has been a lot to learn, but that has added to the appeal of the graduate role.  It has been important to jump into both the administrative and technical roles that require sound reasoning for the decisions you make.  Every touch on a claim needs to help the customer progress towards a satisfactory conclusion.

Early on into my first placement,my observations prompted questions which evolved into managing a small project to analyse business models and their efficiency.  My findings were presented to senior management and have potential to influence recruitment strategy and procedural performance.

Other activities include liaising with solicitors, brokers, tradesmen and policyholders to substantiate claims, negotiate settlement arrangements and restorative measures.  But it is really hard to list what you do, when every situation is different.

What training have you received and how has this helped you? 

Having come with no insurance experience, I began delving into real-life situations and learned operational aspects to support the team.  Quickly, my involvement increased as I learned by questioning my experienced colleagues, who not only shared procedure and technical knowledge, but also ideas of how to be most effective in a fast-paced environment.

The vast majority of my learning has been on the job; whether accompanying adjusters on their site visits and writing reports, or working through the variety of scenarios, time-pressured challenges and customer facing roles.  Formal training sessions, however, have also provided a well rounded exposure to the plethora of challenges the insurance industry deals with.  These sessions, delivered by external trades and internal leaders, also provide a network of people to approach as you continually learn.

In preparation for professional examinations, there has been an element of independent study, but the effort is repaid as you notice your technical understanding and confidence grow.

What have you enjoyed about the programme so far?

What really ignited my interest was travelling to commercial and industrial sites with loss adjusters.  It was fascinating to learn details of other professions as we investigated incidents and accidents that had led to formal claims arising.  The investigative process, together with writing advisory reports, has felt like a good fit with my previous studies of the law.  Particularly when dealing with liability claims, I have felt that my law degree is being put to good use.

I have also really enjoyed travelling to different parts of the country to work with different teams.  While I may move teams just as I am becoming familiar with my role, the next placement stretches me, but also puts together another piece of the puzzle together.  I am beginning to appreciate how the different branches of this diverse company connect.  Once I have completed each placement, my observations and contributions are presented to senior management; an activity I enjoy, but also one that offers opportunities to network with very experienced professionals.

Why would you recommend the programme to other graduates?

For someone who has never had fixed aspirations, the graduate scheme is allowing me to try lots of different aspects of an interesting business before committing to a career route.  The scheme facilitates clear opportunities for development, including professional recognition.  It allows me to keep meeting new people and face new challenges, and perhaps most importantly, I am able to propose and complete projects, born of my inquisitiveness and drive to see success.  There is a real freedom to decide how I want to specialise.

If you had asked me previously if I would ever work in insurance, I would likely have laughed – thinking it all to be salesmen in suits – but instead, thanks to learning of a business’ attractive ethos, I have discovered a varied, sociable, and intellectually stimulating career!